Weather-related flareups?

Sooo.....I'm new to this forum, and glad you're out here to help & understand this craziness that is happening , while I am still in the learning stages of the is nice to know that I am not the only who is going crazy with this pain ! What I am wondering is ..... is there anyone else that only gets the " flare ups " at certain times ? Like only in the summer months ?

The first time the TN started was late May Early June , So for the last 3 years the TN starts in June band ends in September. But every year it seems to worsen ...I can't take it any longer. I'm going to see a surgeon next week with my husband. So hopefully we can get this taken care of.

Thanks for listening & for all the info too !

Many chronic pain patients report variations in pain between seasons. The more common pattern seems to be a reaction to winter winds and cold. But I've also heard of patients for whom the warmer summer months -- and possibly their hay fever allergies -- seemed to be a factor in higher or more persistent levels of pain.

Hi Kay,

Welcome to the group. I have to admit, I am really intrigued by your question. After many, many years of trying to figure out what my triggers are, I can only imagine how frustrated this must be for you. One thing that trigger mine is changes in weather patterns, and for me that means ANY change in weather. I feel rain coming hours before it starts. Lightening storms are awful for me because I feel each bolt as if it hit me directly. Heat and humidity are really an issue, as well as extremely cold weather, especially if it is windy. So I took the liberty of checking your profile to see where you live.

Of course, all I can see are averages reported by weather services but I did notice that during the months that you spoke of having flare-ups, your area has a considerable drop in precipitation as well as an increase in humidity. The only month that did not fit the pattern was December, which showed a spike in humidity but also high precipitation. It made me wonder if you ever notice any problems, even slight, during December, which could indicate that humidity could be part of your trigger.

Perhaps I am completely out of my mind and have been looking for anything I can to explain triggers for a disease that drives me crazy at times. However, I do believe that there is "something" to the whole weather thing, the barometric pressure, etc. I don't believe it is in any way the cause of TN, just a possible trigger for some people.

Maybe you and your husband could give it some thought and determine if it makes any sense. I don't know if I'm even completely correct on your weather, I went by the research I found on your area. Either way, it won't fix it but it may provide an understanding of some sort of trigger.

Best of luck to you at your appointment,

Cathy In MD

Where the Weather Changes Every Ten Minutes :)

Hi Kay R, my TN used to start in late winter/ early spring so the first year I thought it was really bad allergy sinus problems. Then it would go away after summer. The third year it didn’t go away but got progressively worse. I have found big changes in air pressure usually mean worse symptoms.

Also stress - the deaths of my mother, and the following year my brother seemed to be triggers. But it is really hard to tell because it just comes and goes as it pleases.

This is true for me but the opposite season. Winter is hell for me with my TN. After two and a half years and another summer of near remission it is safe for me to say that. I have been through three winters now and am already fearing the next.

Barrometric pressure also affects my TN. I am always in pain when a thunderstorm is on the way or if the humidity is really high.

Just add it to the list of bizarre things about this disease.

So, maybe I'm not so crazy after all....LOL

Cathy In MD

Changes in weather flare it up, but for me the biggest one I've noticed now is allergies.....if I have even the slightest sinus infection I'm dying....and I'm with Cathy, ANY change in the weather....