TN and allergies

Does anyone else find that when it is allergy or hayfever season their TN pain increases? Since the season has started I am now on the maximum dose of Lyrica and using panadiene or endone regularly. I have seen the allergy specialist which has placed me on steroid spray and antibacterial cream for my nose to see if it settles the pain down. Have read some papers on the immune response and pain fibres which has been interesting.

Yes, I notice this as well and I’m also affected by the barometric pressure. I’ve been managing my pain fairly well with an increase in my dosage of Lamotrigine but the past few days have brought break through pain and I have to think it’s because of being stuffed up from seasonal allergies. I tend to have worst allergy reactions after it rains which would indicate my allergies are related to mold. And when those symptoms increase so, too, does my TN pain. I try to use a netti pot (sinus irrigation) to relieve the stuffiness and that helps some. I don’t have nearly the level of pain that some others here have. While I had a very rough couple of months this summer (and I often wonder if it was related to the heat) things have been much better in the last two months.

Wishing everyone pain free days!

Oh yeah, it’s springtime in Australia!
Anything having to do with touching my face, hopefully with a tissue;) tends to cause me pain.
I prefer cooler temperatures then having to wipe my brow.
Wishing you well, bob

Dear Lisa,
Yes! Anything that makes my face or sinuses swell causes tons of pain - allergies, also crying. Hope the steroids and creams help. I also use a sinus rinse, like Karen, which does help.
Best of luck,

Most of my flares have been in April and Oct/Nov. I am allergic to everything that breathes and grows. I have thought about allergy shots again. My TN began in April about a yr or so after I stopped the shots. But the neurologists have told me allergies do not play a part in TN.

I am glad to see that others are in the same boat.
I have to agree with Liz and Lilly with the changes in barometric pressure - storms make it come on very quickly.Like you Liz, mould is my issue along with mixed respiratory bacteria.
I ahve tried cortisone injections, desenstitising injections and numerous washes and antihistamines.
Liz K, I have also been told by my neurologist and neurosurgeon that allergies dont play a part in the pain. I am fortunate that have a understanding allergy specialist who said that it wouldnt be helping and also being in touch with the TN association in Australia which are fantastic.
Some of the articles/papers I have read have talked about how the immune system in its reactive state can attack the mylin sheath, causing more pain.
I have found with my pain diary it seems to occur around this time and the intensity increases. Maybe it is just the pressure within the sinuses. (my TN occurs mostly in the maxillary sinus area).
Lyrica and endone are keeping me in the living at the moment.
hope everyone is controlled and in less pain than yesterday.

I also am greatly affected by changes in weather. I can usually tell a day ahead of time that bad weather is coming :slight_smile:

Allergies seem to increase my pain level as well. The only thing I could think of for a reason is that when my allergies are very bad my face swells. Could the swelling be putting any extra pressure on nerves?

Yes! I believe it is not actually the allergy as you Neurologist says (so inside the box way of thinking) but the pressure on the nervefrom the swelling it causes. I am going through that right now. And then the barometric pressure keeps changing due to weather changes. This is a terrible time of year in the midwest USA. Hang in there.