Regional prevalence of GPN

I’m curious to know where folks with GPN live. I ask because I have noticed that my GPN attacks are almost always precipitated by big fluctuations in the weather. I live in Maine, which is experiencing a severe drought, and I’ve enjoyed an almost pain-free summer. And I’ve heard others say barometric changes affect them. So, are there GPN’ers who live in the southwest? Southern California?

Hi Elivandersys

Barrometric pressure is a trigger for lots of us with TN or GPN. Barrometric pressure is trigger for many other types of pain as well. Seasons also affect my pain, with winters proving to be horrendous for me.

I am curious about the global distribution of Neuralgias. There are definite patterns with MS and other inflammatory diseases. Which makes me wonder if it is ultimately connected to heredity or a virus.


Hmmm. I live in southern New Hampshire. “Officially” diagnosed with TN1 in June. The weather definitely has influencing the TN pain. Not looking forward to the cold weather with this disease/condition. :frowning:

I live in Australia and for the first seven years I had TN it only ever came in Winter and was worse in the cold, especially one year when I went for a holiday in NZ and there was snow… I learnt to use heat packs and they could make the pain go away…
After 12 years now I have discovered B12 and after taking 1000 mcg a day for a couple of years I have now been in remission for 8 months.
The pain comes in spikes, but I am able to manage it and have been off meds 8 months now… amazing… have my energy back.
when I get spikes of pain - its telling me its still there… so I warm my face and have gone back on 1000mcg B12 a day… had dropped off to about 3 times a week… I am trying to understand the barrometric effect as I am sure it has some effect… maybe just on our blood vessels hence causing the trigger of pain, when they rub on a nerve. I had no spikes of pain - like electric shocks in my face… until the weather cooled in May… we are coming out of Winter now, so I will be interested when it warms up to see if the spikes of pain go away… I am also looking at the weather to see what the pressure is… to see any correlation… But I definately know that B12 has been amazing and I am sure it has built up my nerve sheaves to cope better when I get spikes of pain…

I live in Georgia just north of Atlanta. I started with Eagle Syndrome in Feb of 2014, Right side Styloidectomy March 2015. GPN on the right side started in January 2016 and had MVD of 9th cranial nerve June 13,2016. Seems to start in the winter but pain did not let up into the spring or summer.