Felt oral surgery on novicane-HELP!

Yesterday i had to go for oral surgery to smooth down bone that diddnt heal properly from an extraction. I was put on nitrous and was given a few shots of Novocaine. I felt the WHOLE surgery, i literally blacked out from the pain and had a severe anxiety attack. The surgeon asked me what was wrong so i told him im in alot of pain i feel what your doing can you please give me more and he refused. He stated to me it was "impossible" to feel the pain i felt. I explained how i have TN and unfortunatly i found that to be one of the side effects that novocaine does not always work. My regular dentist who i love orders a special kind for me that is the strongest they make and that helps but i can still feel the pain on that too. All in all i again got called a liar and and i was exaggerating or making up that i was in pain...does ANYONE else have this problem with Novocaine? Please let me know if this is def a side effect that anyone else experienced. Im at a point where i just want to give up, how much more pain and personal attacks can i handle from these doctors? i feel like im fighting as hard as i can and its just not enough...:( if anyone can help me through this its GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

P.S Just talked to my dentist she believes me 100%

Cleo I believe one of them i used with Litocaine? and they say theres no way to know if it was during the injection or during the root canal.They were done a year ago. I saw a Nero and he put my on Neurontin and got off with horrible withdrawl so im stuck on pain meds untill i get can in to have a surgery.

problem is ive had full mouth reconstruction including root canals, bridges, extractions, and apeco surgeries for jaw bone infections. I had so many different specialists have to work on me i can only pinpoint that i felt it after my first root canal and the more they did the worse it got but they told me it would go away and it was just a reaction.

Cleo i went into a dentist who did the first root canals on my two front teeth...there was no over filling but they did know the jaw bone was infected due to the severity of my teeth and from what the x ray showed. It took 2 months to clear the infections out of my teeth and jaw bone...it spread from the jaw bone down to the teeth. I saw prob the same all diff oral surgeons who told me the same thing it was me lying bc it was impossible to feel what i felt. My dentist who i continue to work with gives me a special type of anasthsisa because she knows i feel way to much on the regular kind. Intrestingly enough she was hinting to me for about 6 months that i had a nerve problem and to see a neuro. I finally went to my internist about 6 months ago, and we discussed everything. I went to a neuro and he put me on neurontin and stated i had aytipical TN and i responded to it with having relief of pain but it totally made me a zombie and was dangerous for me to be on. I went back to my internist and she did a facial exam, x rays, and we talked about how much worse my pain was getting and all my symptoms and she said sweetie im so sorry to say this but have you heard of trigeminal neuralgia? i said i think so, but i was wrong. I went home and looked it up and i knew it was exactly what i had. My internest and i spoke again a few days ago, i had to thank for for helping me after a year find out exactly what was going on. Now i had the surgery on wed, it was to smooth down and take pieces of my jaw bone out of the back on my mouth. It set my TN off worse then i have ever had it in my life. Pain meds are barely helping at all. Every tooth in my mouth aches, i cant talk, eat, anything. I have never felt so much pain ever. I am very hesitant to go back to a neuro even though i know i need to because i cant handle anti convulsants what so ever....so the plan is for me to be on pain meds untill i can get in to have the surgery done. I wish this wasnt happening while im fully re doing my mouth. How much pain can a person take? The problem is when i was on pain meds and neurontin i was comfortable, pain meds doesnt fully help the pain at all :(

Marcaine is a long acting injectable numbing agent, stronger too. Google dentistry and TN, lots of good articles, print one or two off and take to your next dental appt. Sorry about your experience, it's bad enough that we sometimes doubt ourselves, but when we finally get the official diagnosis it is just ignorance on any dentist or doctors part. Thank goodness they are not all like that. I haven't found that any narcotics help TN pain, though if you take something strong enough to get you to sleep, there is relief. Neurontin does make you sleepy or unfocused and unable to concentrate. I still take it post MVD in the winter and I just have to weigh in my mind if the pain is bad enough and do I need to work. I can't take much and work. I have found that as time goes on a little resistance is met and I can tolerate more. I still had to leave my job three years ago and have a part time job that requires less concentration. kg