Dental Work

How do you guys prepare for it? I need to have some done. I suspect that I have a cavity. I know on my one side that there was a watch on a certain tooth (not my trigger tooth). Anyway, I ate something really sweet the other day and had that feeling, not the TN feeling, but the uh-oh, cavity problem. I don't want it to go further because I know it will cause some huge painful issues.

However, I am absolutely terrified to do any dental work now.. especially since this is on my ATN side. What do you guys do? Can they put you out? Doesn't seem to me that novocaine alone is going to deaden this puppy? Any tips?

Lisa, have a look at the Dental subgroup. I had some work recently and posted about how successful it was on there with the steps I took. You can be put out but I have no idea about the cost. It is a lot here as it is not standard. So I did not bother. No idea about US charges. All the best and Happy New Year!

I feel your pain Lisa! Best advice.. is find a dentist you like! I had a trigger tooth (lower-left) I didn't brush my teeth for 2 walked out on 3 dentists (crying of course) before finding one I really liked and trusted..If the dentist makes you feel bad even for a second for "not taking better care of your teeth" even after you told them about your TN. Leave! Get out of there! A good dentist will sit, listen and not judge! Best of luck! (btw..I had mine remove all of my back molars so no more trigger teeth and she just used a local..a LOT of local. lol) and you might want to have them use something besides novocaine..depending on how sensitive your triggers are...when novacaine wears off it sometimes will tingle and at least with me that can bring on an attack.

Hi Lisa

I agree with Jackie's suggestion directing you to the Dental group..Lots of info there. Also, try the search box at the top of the Living with TN site page next to the sign in/out spot. I believe Red posted a message regarding novocaine and other types of anesthesia and procedures.. I'm sure your post will generate useful guidance.

Ask your dental people what they know about TN. Keep your hat and coat on as you inquire. You might want to escape asap!

Please keep us informed. This is nightmare material.

Jackie and SF Bill, I had no idea there was a dental group...So much info. on this site! Thank you! :)

don't let your teeth problems advance if you can help it. I have no ins. or $$ to pay for dental work and my back teeth have all chunked off until i had to get what left pulled after get infected. I have 1 bottom left tooth left and if i lose it i will not be a ble to chew any food. I began taking pilocarpine again that replaces the saliva that protects your teeth and since then i have not lost any more. I was so stupid to stop taking yrs ago then when i got so sick that was the last thing on my mind!! The dentist hit my trigeminal nerve the last time i got a tooth pulled. The pain shot all way back to my ear and the swelling in bottom left lip and chin stayed numb for several weeks and i don't know if it went all the way back or i just got used to it. The dentist returned half my $$ cuz he barely pushed on it and it fell out- that is how rotten it was- and i got the pleasure of him hitting the nerve and scaring me to death that now i was gonna look like i had a chew in permanently. Some1 did suggest just using lots of local or being put out would be my choice if i had the $$ or medical help. Best of luck!!