How To Get Dental Work Done?

I haven't been to the dentist for over a year due to fear of a TN attack from the poking inside. One of my trigger points is inside my mouth, above the upper left gum line. I can't stick my tongue in there or put a toothbrush up there without extreme pain. In now have a cap that hurts (it could be related and it started around the time of the tooth pain). What tactics does everyone use to be able to go to the dentist? Anyone had lidocaine shots inside the cheek? I really need to see the dentist but am petrified of what will happen. I can cover my eyes (because I can't take the light) but I sure have to open my mouth!

Thanks all.

Excellent topic for discussion, Sue! I am also putting off going to the dentist. I never had issues with fear of dental work, shots, drilling, etc. Right now it’s unimaginable and I join Sue in asking for others to give us their experiences and advice.

I had a root canal and 2 teeth removed while suffering from TN. It was a joy while the novicaine was in effect. It usually took more than normal. Once it wore off, it was horrible. I would have to double my normal dose of meds and stay very still. I actually enjoyed the time my mouth was numb. I would try to eat something I had not been able to eat in ages. I know that is silly but as wee know, eating is an issue when TN is in high gear.

My best advice up the meds before you go and have someone drive you.

I take an anti aniexty med and drink a shot of whiskey before i go and i always remind the dentist that for his own safety he better NOT touch that one spot. I wont even have anesthetic injections for fillings after what Ive been drug through.


I am new to this site as my mother is currently being worked up for TN. It has been so terrible. We have started with Neurontin which worked well for the first few days but now we are back to increased pain attacks. I just wanted to share that your dentist can give you a nerve block in the mental nerve and/or alveolar nerve with Marcaine. This completely numbs up my mom for about 6-8 hours and she was able to have her impressions and final fitting for her bite guard without difficulty. So try the block before having any dental work done. It really helps and then you can eat lunch too.

Good Luck.

Hi, Sue.

The last time I went to the dentist, thankfully, it was just a cleaning. Something came up in during the visit that may interest you, though.

I told my Dental Hygienist I had Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgi., she offered "something to make it kind of numb" if I had pain during the cleaning. I didn't require it.

She prescribed a pain killing mouthwash for me to fill, in case I had a "flair-up" afterwards. I did not have it filled. I didn't need it.

Your pain character could be more likely to be irritate by a dental procedure. My triggers are mostly chewing, talking, smiling and sometimes have LvL 8 pain, still, come on me without any triggers.

You can't compare my type of visit to yours, they weren't replacing a cap! But the pain-killing/easing options that the Hygienist mentioned may help you through this!

You have triggers inside your mouth and it is a dental procedure, not routine maintenance.

If I were you, I would call my destist's office before and tell them I need to discuss the fact that I have "Trigeminal Neuralgia with trigger points inside my mouth. Dental work could send me into excruciating pain". I would ask to speak to whomever would be performing my dental work, and discuss options for anything that may help me have an easier experien, due to the fact that I have a RARE condition!,

If you can speak with your dentist, I would ask what they can do to help (injections, numbing solutions) to stop triggers from happening for you. Chances are, you may be their ONLY TN patient. You are a special case for them, and should be treated as such, I believe.

I hope your dental appointment goes smooth, and that this helps.

Best wishes,


Sue: I had to go to the dentist today, took a double dose of meds before I went in. Due to the poking and proding in the mouth had to take more during the process (fitting my final dentures in). Made it through the process and got home to a rice bag, and a nap, with another pain killer. Once I woke up, pain was down a lot, and the new teeth feel just fine.

Three Trips to the Dentist -- Three periods in my Trigeminal History

Trip 1 -- I too had a trigger point in my mouth. Before I was fully diagnosed with TN, and before I went on any anti-seizure and anti-convulsive medications, I attempted to have some dental work done and after giving me 9 shots of novocaine with no noticable reduction in pain, the doctor stopped.

Trip 2 -- I went back when I was "well controlled" on Tegratal, Gabupentin, and Baclofen. I was not experiencing an TN pain, but my mind was blurry and my life had become very shallow due to the side effects of the medications. My dentist insisted on using IV sedation this time. I wasn't entirely out of it -- I can remember little bits and pieces of the procedures, like him telling me to bite this or open more or whatever, but I did not feel the procedure or have an attack. I needed to have someone drive me, but after a few hours was feeling pretty normal again -- well normal for someone who was so badly doped up.

Trip 3 -- I went through a successfull MVD and later had some more work done. The work was on the "bad" side of my face, and I was still experiencing numbness. The dentist didn't believe me, and poked around a little and then finally believed that I really was numb. He did the whole root canal with no novocaine, and I didn't feel any pain (due to my numbness). I think my dental insurance should give me a $17.00 rebate for not needing the novocaine.