WORST TN Attack after oral Surgery

All i can say is i have never in my life had such a bad TN attack after an oral surgery. Every tooth in my mouth hurts, i cant talk, eat, do anything. all i can do is cry. Im on pain meds and there really not helping me enough. I wish i could be on anti consultants but i cant due to my reactions. I dont know what to do with myself anymore. Im so depressed because i dont get a minute where im not in pain. Im hoping this attack wont be this bad for much longer, i had the surgery on wed, but i have no idea. Anyone have any ideas of pain relief other then medication? Im so depressed i need to get through this. Support is something im lacking at home, and need as much as possible, no one i talk to that doesnt have TN cant understand what im talking about. I appreciate any comments or similar storys...thanks...Jenna :(

My oral surgeon who did the surgery was a horrible person\ doctor so i cant call him but im thinking about calling my internist and talk with her about a different medication or higher dosage. Shes really the only one besides my dentist who understands what im going through. Thank you Jackie i WILL DEF try that, anything at this point. I appreciate all the support :) Feels good just to see people read my post ad responded. Today was the worst tn day ive ever had. Thank you both again.

Im talking about a diferent treatment plan for TN which my internist is handelig because i wont go to pain management and have they put me on crazy pain meds so shes helping me witht he pain from the TN untill i can have the surgery.

where they did the oral surgery is not bothering me...it set of the TN full force in my mouth and thats whats giving me the pain. I need to have 2 more root canals because the cavities have reached the nerve. They usually do one tooth in 2 visits. Now they want to do both teeth in one visit and im going to tell my endodontist i need the smallest amount of work done at a time and ide rather come back 4 times and have minor pain after a procedure then go through a full root canal or two and be in an attack for this long...any thoughts on that Cleo? My internist said there's no way to know whats going to trigger an attack until you experience it. This was before the oral surgery. Now that i know that any dental work can put me into an attack like this i want them to go as slow as they possibly can because i think that's the only thing that will make this tolerable while living with TN!