Having oral Surgery Tomorrow, Scared :( any advice?

Hello everyone, i had an impacted wisdom tooth taken out about 2 months ago and it healed wrong. Now i have two pieces of bone sticking out. They have to go in and cut them out and stitch it back up. Now that i know I have TN i am terrified. I don't have a choice because otherwise i wont be able to eat on that side of my mouth again. I decided to get laughing gas to help, or does anyone think i need to be completely sedated? If anyone has gone through this please let me know. Its so hard for me because I NEED this dental work done but the TN is making everything 10x worse and my anxiety is through the roof. Im on medication for my anxiety disorder, but i feel like nothing ever goes right. Im so afraid this can set me of into a worse attack. I notice every time i leave the dentist the TN gets very aggravated. I wish i diddnt have to do this, im so nervous i made it for as soon as possible so i don't have to sit here and think about it. TN came from having to have all this dental work done and i have to keep doing more :( thanks, Jen :)

Maybe take some extra TN meds tonight and all day tomorrow. When I got out in the cold wind and had a flare-up, I popped an extra Tegretol that night and was better by morning. But you should ask your doctor first to make sure it's ok. Good luck!

I had a wisdom tooth impacting a molar 2 months after my TN diagnosis, I had sedation, healed fine, didn’t notice any aggravation with my TN. Good luck!
Positive thoughts!

Yea its an oral surgeon doing the procedure and there giving me nitrous...thank you all for your help and support! :) Im a fighter ill get through this!