Cold weather trigger

Does anyone have cold weather as a trigger for attacks of TN? Cold temps rushed in last nite and so did the intense pain. Am so tired of the drugs you have to take to keep at bay minimally. Am at my wits end. The new sumptoms on the left side of my head are becoming intolerable and difficult to manage. Between all this dental work and cold weather at a lose. This is just crazy, or thats how I feel. I can feel the coolness in the air inside mu home. We keep it comfortable but still can feel the cool air, and then the jabs and lancinating pain gets worst for me. Does this soundnfamiliar to anyone out there, would love any feedback?
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Hi tat Oh Yes, cold blustery weather triggers my facial pain. Fortunately, my Meds keep the pain mostly tolerable.During this time, I try to keep my mouth shut when outside. (not an easy task for, I have to be conscious of turning my head and moving my body. Footsteps, bumps in the road while driving and who knows what may trigger the pain. It is not uncommon. I'm sure others will share similar stories. stay tuned.

Hi tat, oh yes the breezes and winds start of the pain. I live in Spain and even the warm breezes start my pain off. I walked my dog yesterday with my head totally enclosed in my scarf and still the area on the left of my mouth and under my left eye started hurting. I have ordered a neoprene half face mask, see my other post, and am hoping if I wear this and keep a hat on the top half of my head, all will be well. One can hope eh !!! Stay strong. love x

Hey by the way I am typing this whilst sitting here with my hat on. I wear it most of the time in doors and I think other do the same it works. I even sleep in mine x

Hi Lizzie, its a crazy and bizzare problem with alot of us who struggle with ways to keep that ever so gentle cool breezes away from our face and head. I have one thru so many heating pads , I should own stock in Sunbeam Corp. just shipping one back because it stop working after 2 years has 5 yr warranty. What ever works right Lizzie.
Even after MVD back to square one again, but you know will do it again. Hate being on so much medicine, with all these side effects. Felt good for 6 months, then it came back withneven more symptoms. Trying any and everything to keep this monster at bay. If it means a hat or heating pad and this helps a bit I do it. No more vanity when it comes to help yourself. Take care Lizzie wish you the best! Happy Easter
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