Atypical tn

I have recently had mvd 2 weeks ago. I have severe teeth and root pain that is debilitating. iv lost 11 pounds in 6 months. no relief from surgery . does anyone else out here have this type of pain.

Hi Gigi, I am atypical but I haven't MVD surgery. If you go the group section, found at the top of this page,-you will see a featured group on failed procedures. You will find informative stories there. I hope you find it helpful.

Hello GiGi,

I'm sorry you haven't found any relief from your surgery...I too, suffer from tooth pain..It is always in my bottom left side canine tooth..And the gums that surround it..I did have deep jaw pain but that seems to be going away. I take Amitriptyline for my pain. It works well. I took it for about 8 to 9 months and went off of it(my oral surgeon suggested it was just an overactive nerve and should be improved in three weeks)..The pain was gone...But recently I got a bad cold and ear ache and the tooth pain came back. So I'n on my medicine again...Have you tried any medication? Or just the surgery?....

I hope you can find some relief soon...

I take Percocet and a klonopin around 4 daily mine gets worse as the day goes on have tried tegretol and nuerontin with no luck. Go back today to see wat surgeon says not going to be cut on again!!!

I have ATN I had bad teeth pain went to dentists and they were uneducated in this disease so i had 2 root canals and 5 missing teeth two being wisdom teeth.I still have pain were the teeth are missing so Um yah so after many doctors I am now on nortriptyline 75 mg a day which has brought me alot of relief. If you have any questions feel free to write me.