MVD 11/27 - tooth and ear discomfort

I had MVD done on Nov 27th. The Neurosurgeon found a vein looped around the trigeminal nerve and anouther sandwiching the nerve. I haven’t had any usual attacks but I do feel some pressure and weak stabs. I still have a lot of surgical pain and I’m taking Percocet, muscle relaxer, and . The worst pain has been my ear. It feels like someone is crinkling it up and trying to pull it off. The ear pain is getting better everyday. I have a new discomfort in my teeth. Specifically my front three teeth on the left side. Just my lips rubbing on my teeth causes discomfort and sensitivity. This discomfort doesn’t seem to be getting better yet. I am wondering if anyone else has had teeth pain after MVD? The surgeon thinks the ear and tooth pain will go away if a couple weeks. I am still on pain medication and tapering down Trileptal. The first days I was sure the surgery was successful but now that I am experiencing some pressure, light stabs and tooth pain I am afraid it didn’t work. I guess I won’t completely know until I am off all medication. Although a storm is coming thru Utah and normally I would be down and out, and right now i only have some discomfort. I am so grateful for this site and all of the information have been able to get. Thanks to all!

Hi I had my MVD on 31st Oct and I'm still having pain in my teeth, jaw and sometimes my ear. Like yourself, I feel like this is still a waiting game and early days as to whether or not it has worked! I did manage to come of my pain meds but have since had to go back on them due to continued headaches. So from my experience don't try to come of your pain meds too quickly and take everything very slowly and rest as much as you can. I hope your pain and discomfort soon settles and that your MVD has been successful. Take care and keep us posted on your recovery.

My teeth did not hurt - but shocks came back from week 11-15 then nothing - been a year!

They say it takes a year for everything to settle

ask your doc!

I had my MVD on October 3rd and I actually got much worse before I got better, my tooth pain went through the roof for a few weeks but then all of a sudden it was gone. I now get a stab here or there, maybe a few times a week, but it is more of an annoyance than anything else. I have some ear pain, very minor, so I stayed on the antidepressants for a while to keep it under control, again, very minor annoyance.

Give it time, you will feel better soon, the nerves just need to calm down