I've seen quite a bit across this board about acupuncture relieving GPN symptoms, but I'm curious if anyone has had any success with acupressure?

Yes, I think acupuncture is not a cure but a help with pain episodes. I’m a believer in acupressure too.

Hi Suzymc44

Before i had my MVD i july 2013 i tried acupuncture in my last period of pains with very good results. At least for some time. The first cuple of months it could almost keep the painattacks away, but at last when the attacks got much worse (5 - 10 attacks an hour) nothing could stop them and the intencity of the attacks was increasing dramatically.

This last period of pains lasted 5 months and made the decission of getting an MVD-surgery VERY VERY easy....!!!

Since that july-day i 2013 I havn´t had a single painattack...!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

Acupressure will not give the relief you require for GPN, only acupuncture. Acupressure is very good for addressing whole body issues but with GPN it is more specific targets and you need to get the de qi sensation which is only achieved through needle activation. I am doing my Masters in TCM. The reason I started studying this was because acupuncture was the only thing that worked for me to help alleviate the pain and what I use to manage attacks.

I would recommend those of you interested in acupuncture to watch this doco in its entirety. The last part of the doco will blow your mind when you see what I mean about needle activation as they measure this on a functional MRI. They use one point, which is a point of what we call the Four Gates which control pain. You will also see open heart surgery in China performed with acupuncture instead of a general anaesthetic.

I would love to hear peoples' comments after viewing this documentary. Put it this way, the Chinese have used this for more than 5,000 years and very little has changed except for needles. If it did not work, it would not still be in existance. In the next 10 years we will see acupuncture used more in mainstream medicine for pain management.

I went weekly for acupuncture treatment. I haven’t had attacks since. My dr who also does my treatments suggest going a month between treatment. We are trying this now. I am still on my 200 mg topamax 2xday but it did not give me total relief. Only the acupuncture has brought me total relief.

I thought the documentary was extremely Interesting. Open heart surgery using acupuncture wow. A western medicine clinic using acupuncture is great. Mine does but the visit is separate they uses it together I liked that.

Yes, it is a very interesting doco, isn't it. I have watched it several times now since first published.

Yes, maintenance treatments are a must to try and keep the attacks at bay. One can get into a false sense of security and think they feel ok and slacken off, and to find the attacks will gradually rear their heads again. If you start to feel any niggles go back sooner than later as each person will have a different amount of time. I started with a few times a week, then when under control went to weekly, then fortnightly. Then I felt good and ceased for a while only for it to return. So now I know I need to ensure I keep my maintenance doses up.

I was having this treatment for quite some years and then decided it was so damn good that I wanted to learn it myself so I can help others with pain, especially neuropathic pain. So I intend to specialise in scalp acupuncture and the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

Do you think that being on meds interferes with acupuncture? I Just started on lyrica a couple of weeks ago and wonder how that will interact with acupuncture?

It shouldn't as the two work off different principles. The plus is if the accupuncture works, it may reduce the need for the medications. Remember only to alter your medications under supervision of your doctor or neuro, most of the meds folk are on need to be stepped up and down or you can experience some pretty horrible effects. :)