Hi all

I have just started having Acupuncture not sure if it will help but I will let you know. This is the practice the doctor seems to know quite a bit about GPN which is encouraging.

How’s it been working out for you?

Well for the moment it is a lot better but I am not sure if it is the acupuncture or not so I have held back from making a comment because the pain comes and goes anyway, but if nothing else at least I feel that I am doing something. I am very pleased with the practice Dr Stellon seems to have some knowledge of GPN. I go back for another session in three weeks will report on any changes as that will be my forth session.

How many sessions have you had with him so far? I was thinking of doing the same, but I can’t find one around here that knows anything about it. Please keep me posted, I hope it works out for you.

Hi Victor just had the three sessions so far, strange how things work out I just put out a search for a acupuncturist and found this practice which is in walking distance from my home. Dr Stellon is well clued up on GPN but he does admit that it is all trial and error, he has advised that I try to reduce my drugs (carbamazepine) and see how I get on, I think what he needs is for me to be at my worst so that we are able to measure the effectiveness of the acupuncture. I am also reassured that if I do have a severe attack he is just up the road. Are you in much pain at the moment?

I think I may be going into remission after about 6 months. My attacks are somewhat constant, meaning I couldn’t count how many I during the day (too many). II had to rely on Tegretol as well to get by each day. Are your attacks constant?

No they are intermittent except for the first big attack that I had, but I never know when it will hit me. You sound as if you you have more severe than me! Is there no hope of you finding a practitioner in your area?

I emailed a bunch of them around my area, but again, they really have no idea what it is. I’m thinking of MVD as my remissions are getting shorter.

MVD sound’s a long shot but hay it works for some people, it’s a shame that there is just so very little known about it that we are all clutching at straws.

Did acupuncture worked for you?

Hi Rachit not sure yet if it is the acupuncture or not but the Neuralgia spasms have stopped and I am off the medication, I will reserve judgment on it for the moment. I certainly don't think it was a waste of time I at least felt that something was being done.

Has anyone reported complete recovery from this treatment?

Hi Chris all is well at the moment I have been symptom free since November 2011. I really don't know if it is the acupuncture, or if it is just in remission and may come back. I am just hoping that it wont, I certainly think it is worth giving it a try. Dr Stellon seems to think it is to do with nerves around the neck area which is where he concentrated. I am due to see him for a top up soon. So in answer to your question" Has anyone reported complete recovery from this treatment?" For the moment yes.

Hi all bit of a letdown pain has come back about three weeks ago have been for some more acupuncture not sure if is working yet took a while to subside last time but I am hopeful. I have also started on the meds again they do make you feel a bit groggy at first. Takes me about two weeks to be able to function normally so am ok now. Will let you know how it progresses.

I was diagnosed with GN after having a tonsillectomy. Acupuncture has been a life saver for me and really helps as long as I go twice a week for now. I would encourage people to try it out if their doctor approves. My ENT actually referred me to an acupuncturist. It helps greatly for nerve damage.