Acupuncture - Has anyone had any luck?

I’m wanting to try and manage my pain without medication. I’ve been suffering for 3 months now and am still waiting a diagnosis. My story is so similar to many of you and I really feel lucky to have found this site. I can’t believe how many people out there suffer with this terrible condition. The number of years that some of you have had to suffer is unbelievable. I’m already struggling to get through each day without it consuming me. I’ve lost 2 kgs because I can’t eat without an attack and today I’m unable to talk as the pain is so severe.

Has anyone tried acupuncture and has it worked? Are there only certain acupuncturists who can treat TN? I’m so afraid to go to one and have them stick a needle in and have it trigger an attack rather than help it. Can anyone recommend someone in the Sydney area? Thank you all.

Hi Karina, A friend of mine told me about acupuncture. She said her relative had nerve pain on her knee and acupuncture took the pain away for good. I am also scared to have a needle in the part of my face that hurts so much. Some things work for some and not for others. With all the research that I’ve done on TN I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that it actually took the pain away, but again, everyone is different. I would also love to not take meds, I am taking 900mg of gabapentin a day. Three pills/3 x a day, so 9 pills. I am very petite so I think that is a lot of pills for me being that I am only 100 pounds. If you do try this, let me know how it works for you. Good luck to you and hope your pain subsides.

I don’t want a surgery, I manage my pain with acupuncture 2x/week In Jakarta and it’s work. Maybe you will try acupuncture to manage y’r pain.

Whatever you choose, God bless you

I was diagnosed just a few weeks ago. My pain was extremely active. Bad days, more frequent, meant the pain was there all day long. I have been having acupuncture treatments since December 20, 2010. The results are astounding. Each time there is relief, sometimes I have no pain of any kind for awhile. Gradually the symptoms come back, but they are not as severe as before, and the absence of symptoms lasts longer each time. The things that seemed to make the pain even worse are becoming less of a problem too. What a relief!

I have never tried any kind of Western proceedure or medication.

i agree accupuncture has given me my life back . the pain has gone down considerably. i feel now more energetic now and pre “accupuncture” i always felt like sleeping. My pain has gone down by about 80% . Believe me after 2 n half years i feel i am living a new life…Tn along with bells palsy completely ruined it otherwise .

I am going to suggest accupuncture to my mother. How long does a session of accupuncture last?

I used acupuncture. It did help for a couple of years. The acupuncturist was kiind enough to teach me how to do it to myself, so I wouldn’y have to go to the office everyday, which my insurance wouldn’t cover. After a couple of years, the needles caused scar tissue, which made the pain and shocks worse again. I was told that after a year or so, the scar tissue might dissolve and I can try it again, but I have not found another acupuncturist to re-train me. I use acupressure, which is pressing on the acupuncture spots. It helps also, and keeps me out of the the E.R. many times.

I have been using acupuncture for whatever ails me for about 25 years now. In total 3 different OMDs, depending on where I lived. I find that treatments vary between 30 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on what I am being treated for.

Jennifer Ruotolo said:

I am going to suggest accupuncture to my mother. How long does a session of accupuncture last?

I used acupuncture for a long time but wound up with a new job and insurance that wouldn’t cover it and simply can’t afford it now so I’m on meds but I’m pretty ok with that.

What I will say about acupuncture is that it worked for me and not once did I ever have an attack during a session. Even the when the needles were being put in they did not trigger anything.

Keep in mind as well that there are ways to treat TN with needles elsewhere in the body rather than the face. I’ve been treated with needles up and down my back and it worked as well.

Instead of acupuncture I have taught myself trigger-point therapy and I use my thumb or forefinger to press on trigger-points in my neck/mouth/head and shoulders to relieve muscles in spasm. [Bonnie Prudden is one of the main exponents]. I still get pain but I can deal with it. I’ve reduced my medication [amitriptyline] and will be off it completely in a couple of weeks.