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I have heard that Acupuncture is doing good things for TN. Has anyone undertaken this therapy for TN, and if so, how did you find it worked for you?

I'd be interested in knowing more as well. I recently had a conversation with an acupuncturist who told me he's seen a few TN patients who have received some help. He said that you should start with a few sessions a week, maybe 2 or 3 and then dwindle it down to 1 a week and then hopefully once a month because your body kind of returns to this "homeostasis" state. He also mentioned how my body specifically (not sure all TN patients will relate) responds negatively to "heating" foods (coffee, for example, or fried foods). I think this is a Chinese medicinal thing. Sorry I can't be of much more help.


I tried acupuncture but I can't say if it worked or not. The last time I went I walked in there in pain and walked out in the same pain. I only had 4 sessions and decided to give up on it. The doctor I went to said that he treated patients with TN before and they did get relief. Ha says that generally people should feel the acupuncture working after the 2nd or 3rd session (but it may take longer if the condition is chronic), and that they should have the first 2 appointments close together and then once a week - just like jenniferjane143 points out. I think in my case there may be reasons why acupuncture didn't do much - I have chronic inflammation of jaw joints, where the swelling goes all way down to my chin and neck, also, I'm not totally sure if I have TN - it may be something else causing my pain and then acupuncture wouldn't work because needles are inserted into your face/body to target certain organs etc. My neuro says that acupuncture is not a bad idea at all when dealing with TN, and I think it may help some.

Greetings Haysie and jenniferjane143

I use acupuncture as part of my therapy. My brother in law is my acupuncturist or I probably would not have tried it. When I was at my worst I only went to him every couple of weeks as he lives 120 miles away. I have both types of tn. I noticed that he helped the jaw pain the most. I don't get to see him on a regular basis but when I do he helps my jaw pain. Last time I saw him was a few weeks ago and the pain has been alot better since. I also use a ion pumping cord when the pain is bad which helps but does not take it away completely. I would research this method and the acupuncturist the best I could and ask for references. Like with all treatments everyone can react differently and and I now use it when needed for a maintenance treatment when the jaw pain returns. I can't say what degree of difference it made in the lightning attacks. I hope this helps and I hope for better days for all ahead.


I have heard it helps, though i am not sure if to all kinds of TN. worth checking