Weird things that relieve the pain temporarily?

Hi all,

I've been tracking my pain recently after my GP (grappling at straws I'd imagine!) asked me to see if I could make a link between hormones & pain etc. So while at it, I started noting other things that gave me some temporary relief on a really bad day and I wonder if any of you notice the same things that we could share and hopefully find ways to soothe our pain?

- EATING. Sometimes on a real bad day, if I eat crisps (really well chewed) or even a yoghurt, I have some relief for about an hour.

- EATING SPICY FOOD. I find much easier to eat sometimes than regular foods and the spice feels so nice down the throat canal (on the otherhand, cold things HURT like hell, haven't eaten icecream in months).

- HERBAL TEA. Depending on the tea, as long as its not a citrus-fruit based tea which stings my throat, I find camomiles and especially tea that contains VALERIAN soothes the pain. Historically Valerian was used as an anticonvulsant and I'm on Tegretol for GPN which is also an anticonvulsant medicine so I wonder about the link.

Anything else?

Amanda x