Vanilla Ice Cream

I don't know if it's the cold that is making it better or if it's the fact I love Vanilla Ice Cream. What ever it is it helps me dull or even take it away the pain for a little while. Ya I know it will be back but it's a nice break. Does anyone else have little tricks they use to help cope?


It is good. I knit. Gives me something to do just vice sitting around.

I'm definitely going to try that vanilla ice cream thing! I have tried to come up with little tricks to compete with the sensory overload that TN pain brings over the years. Some of mine are:

Pepermint oil - putting this on your skin has a cooling effect and can be distracting. Also just the scent is soothing and is also good for when you have to sit next to someone stinky at work or on the bus :)

Music/Sounds - I got these cds (on Amazon) with binaural beats that are supposed to help you focus, relax, reduce pain, etc. Also good for drowning out unwanted noises from other sources.

Oragel - My TN pain hits me from my ear/cheek down into my gums/teeth. Oragel numbs it up and gives me a few moments of relief.

I'm sure there are others that I cannot recall at the present moment... my brain and memory are not working so well these days!


A while back I used to use ice cream to soothe the pain on my left side. After a few bites it seemed to numb the area enough to settle down. It only helps with the pain I get in the back side near my jaw.

I know that I can press a certain spot on the side of my head and it give me a duller pain besides a sharper pain. But I usually goes to sleep in hopes of waking up without a head pain.

Ice matter what flavor soothes my pain a little. I am totally right sided...I mean totally RIGHT; forehead,scalp,orbital eye socket, cheek, nostril, upper molars, chin and tounge. I press a babies cloth diaper and press and rub. I have trouble eating when I am in pain so I try to eat when I am not. When I say not that means when I am only at a 3. I do not answer the phone when I am bad...which is often b/c I do not want to become the one that is always ill. My personality was always a my pain business. When I do answer the phone I tell whoever that I am good. If they carry it further I just say, come on, I'm having a great day, I live with this, please don't make me waste time talking about it. It's great b/c people take your lead on how you want to handle your illness and u just go on. Love being on the site. Wishing u all peace and joy and most of all less pain then yesterday.....eva

Joya… It’s true for me also avoiding to nuch talking,social activities,hanging wiht friends …etc so no one notice when I’n in pain ! Is there any way to inc. Quality of our life

Hey dodo....Lots of texting while I am pressing my "diaper" to my face. Keeps me in the game, but I don't have to talk! Hate the winter but at least I can fake that soft knitted scarf that I have. No one really knows how much I need it.. Ohhh living in our world! May your day be full of sunshine...without wind...