Residual pain.....?

Hi all…I haven’t been on here for a while, and I’m pretty sure this has been discussed to some degree, BUT, I had a particularly bad episode of pain a week ago. The pain has simmered down a whole lot, but now my neck, from my jaw to my collar bone on the bad side is SORE - almost feels like a crick in the neck. Hurts when I turn my neck (“so don’t turn your neck!”) Anyone experience this? ALSO, that bad, sour, foul taste on the posterior third of my tongue and back of my throat is so bothersome…chewing minty gum helps - but YUCK! If anyone has tips for the taste, I’d sure like to hear from you! I’m off to the pain clinic to discuss something that will help me through future episodes. That last one hurt so bad I think I punctured my eardrum trying to relieve the pain…it bled - A LOT - and no, it did not relieve any pain, but it sure did make things worse. I won’t be doing that again!

i have a lot of neck pain with soreness around ny jaw and nape. it hurts alot. what are you taking for pain.

Hi Elaine48. At this point, I go to a pain management clinic as I’m not a good candidate for surgery, most likely because I’ve had this condition for so many years that the symptoms would not respond well to MVD surgery. That is according to a specialist in LA who told me the glosso nerve fibers are firing almost constantly…it’s way beyond just a compressed GP nerve and resulting neuralgia…I guess there’s a whole lot of damage done. I take a vicodin when the pain gets to about a 6, and it kind of stays there, as opposed to reaching an 8 or 9. I took antiseizures for the pain when this whole thing started (11 years ago) and eventually they stopped being very effective or I couldn’t tolerate the side affects. A hot bottle on the affected side and warm herbal teas are soothing.

all my cranial issues are effected from copression and scar tissue formed from a revisional facelift. i must have reconstructive surgery to correct the tissue loss. im on muscle and nerve.. my tests are inconclusive and variable.. warmth helps me too.