Watching the sunrise alone

Morning birds will soon be singing here
Yet I deign not to sleep awhile my dear
I sit awake in clouds of hope
A gentle toke a bitter smoke
Embodiment of pure escape
A duller way to ease the pain
To think that sleep would ease my mind as well
Yet I choose thoughts inside I cannot quell
Of all the things we’ve said and done
Of games we’ve played and lost and won
Of sadness deep within that screams
There are no winners in broken dreams
To gaze behind with clarity to see that which you dare not think
The hopes we had so long ago our youthful minds our subtle jinx
That inner smile that all laid out
Would come to pass
There was no doubt


Thank- you, Mimi

Thanks for your message and thanks for understanding. I wrote that about 2 years ago. My relationship was falling apart and I’d just started to get these pains. I was up at 5am wondering where he was feeling alone. Xx