A little chat with my TN

I cannot see you, but I know you

I can feel you

I can predict you

I ignore you.

You belong to me now

I don't want you

but I see the world differently now

you have changed me

I feel you on my face clinging

throbbing pulsing liquid

burning crushing heat

icy cold stab

electric shock

I feel you creeping

down my neck behind my head

a tightness

like a broken, retied rubber band

I feel a pressure in my head

I want you to go now

but I know you give me wisdom

In my eyes and in my heart

Isolation and frustration

trying to explain

wanting not to have to

hating what it does to others around me

I wonder if you will always be with me

I wonder if this cross is one I should embrace

I know the highs of false security

the lows as the pain hits once again

There is only one who can get inside my face

Who feels every tremor every stab

I believe in him. I feel empowered

whatever happens next

I am not alone.

Very nice Marie,
do you write a lot of poetry?
Great way to help deal with feelings this journey brings on.
take care,

Hey I wrote it as I sat there feeling it but yes I do write a lot just never about this. It’s mainly been about my 12 year relationship which I ended recently and religion which is a big personal interest. X