A big step toward understanding

So I called my mom today and we had a good chat and she seems to be understanding a bit more now. She's still convinced that my flare up is just because I'm living in a new place/sleeping in a new bed, but thats better than nothing. She even gave me a small pep talk and told me to keep my chin up. Apparently talking to one of her friends about her mother who has TN changed her mind a bit, it also turned her away from the gamma knife treatment because it didn't work for the friend's mom. Hopefully things will keep improving between us until I see her at my neuro appointment next Thursday. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog and other discussions and commented. You all really gave me the courage to stand up to her and tell her how I'm really feeling. I finally told my roommate about my TN and she was also really understanding. She told me if I ever needed anything to just ask. Apparently she already could tell something was up. And best of all? My flare up has also seemed to calm down today as well. Things have really seemed to turn a corner today. Now all i have to do is wait a week for my neuro appointment and hopefully I'll finally get some relief.

Thank You all again.

YeY! So pleased to read your update! :slight_smile:
Take care of you! Mimi