Update on my MVD

Hi everyone. So, I had my MVD last Wednesday and got out of hospital yesterday. I spent 24 hours in ICU and 6 days on ward. When they went in they found not one but two compressions on the nerve by the artery, which were both fixed. I woke with just extreme nausea whenever I was moved or turned my head too quick. The pain wasn’t too bad except for the headaches, which I still get. Panadol takes the edge off the pain and makes it bearable. I am so lethargic, but am TN pain free, except for the occasional little pings, which the doctor warned me about (i havnt had a ping for two days now). I have already more than halved my meds, coming off Neurontin altogether. I have no facial numbness at all and apart from the nausea from being operated so near to the nerve which controls balance, I am feeling so good.
I am finding it very difficult to type however, not able to coordinate my fingers, and am having a little difficulty following my train of thought, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary with still taking 600mg of tegretol.
If anyone in NSW, Australia is looking for a good Neurosurgeon, Dr Mark Dexter at Westmead Private Hospital is your man! From his bedside manner, his obvious knowledge of TN, his empathy, and success rates with minimal complications with MVD surgeries. I was in hospital for 8 days all up, and saw him and/or his registrar every day except Sunday. Pretty good commitment to his patients! He is also the medical advisor to the TN association of Australia, another piece of knowledge which convinced me he was the doctor for me. He does about 50 MVDs a year. Trust in your surgeon is everything, however nothing will take away the fear before surgery. There are so many risks, but quality of life prior to surgery was so poor, I was willing to take the risk.
I will update again when the brain is less foggy!!!

Hi Gen , how wonderful things are going well, I hope things continue to get better and better. It’s good to have some feedback on a surgeon in Australia. As there are not a lot of Australians on this site it’s great to share some local knowledge .
Once again wishing you all the best , rest up and keep posting .

Oh Gen!!! Such great news!
So nice to see your blog this morning!
Wishing you continued restful recovery and take good care of you!!
So so happy to hear of your relatively pain free status! So awesome!
Huge ((((( hugs ))))) Mimi xx

So glad to hear you are doing well! Keep resting..........you can tell us more later sweetie. (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))

i am two weeks out after mvd, i lost half of my hearing and hoping it will come back, tired alot and words slur and i am slower, I too was nauseous big time but pain free thank god