MVD Update!

Hi all

It's been a little over 4 weeks since my surgery and wanted to pass on my experience so far.

The first week after surgery had no TN pain at all. However, it did come back ...although not horrible...the end of the first week. "Great" I thought and was sort of disapointed. Called the nurse and she explained to give it time as it takes time for healing and swelling to go down.

It's interesting what goes through your head after you think the surgery didn't work and what that will mean going forward in your life. I mean with the drugs and what you can and can't do.

The good news is... the pain seems to be going away like they said it would.

Now trying to get rid of the Neurontin and see if things are still good. I do get a little reminder shock maybe twice a day, but it's small and not a bother. Next will be the 1500mg's of Tegratol daily and cross my fingers the surgery worked.

My right side of my face is still quite numb from my forehead down to my tongue. Very very slowly making a comeback. That's ok if I rid myself of the TN pain.

Good luck to those waiting for surgery and hope the best to anyone that has had it.

I have my fingers crossed for you Bob that all will settle down and you will be pain free and have sensation back. I am VERY glad you are without that awful intense pain you did have. Take care!

Glad to hear another positive story about MVD. I am meeting with neurosurgeon in early August. Hoping I am a candidate. Best wishes for continued healing!


thanks to the both of you :)

Great news! Thanks for the update.

Awesome! Five it another month and things will be better. So glad to hear you found some relief!

I am waiting to have my MVD surgery so all these experiences are for me and to know what to expect it does take time to heal and thanks for the sory

I just had surgery Saturday. Woke up free of nerve pain and haven't felt any since. Still paranoid and afraid to believe it is forever. Surgeon said I had 96% change for this to be lifetime cure. Praying this is so! Go home tomorrow to finish heailing.

My Oct. MVD still working --- wait till the one year anniversary I was told - to let nerves settle!