MVD surgery

Hi everyone,

I had my appointment with my Neurosurgeon today, Dr Mark Dexter (Westmead, Sydney). My MRI results show that my trigeminal nerve is being compressed by the artery, as I think is the most common cause of TN Type I. As I had already done weeks of research, I knew that I already wanted to go ahead with MVD surgery, the sooner the better. If you had asked me last year if I would have surgery, I would adamently say no. But I've never known pain like I have known from June till especially the last month. I cannot function on the meds (1000mg Tegretol + 600mg Gabapentin, and even that dose is not stopping all the pain), as the double vision, forgetfulness and sleepiness is making life really hard, and is not "living". As the earlier this surgery is done from diagnosis the better the outcome, I am only 3.5 years from diagnosis (I was diagnosed almost immediatey from onset of pain).

My surgery is next week on Wednesday, so I am feeling very nervous, but I am very happy to get this done and get on with my life as I used to know it. I won't know myself, not having to take the 12 tablets a day that I've become accustomed to taking!

I will continue to blog after the surgery and let you all know how I go...

Good luck and God bless!!!!!! Keep us posted when you can. Praying for you!

Hope the surgery goes well, love and thoughts are with you x

Wishing you the very best.

So scared. I go into hospital tomorrow for the surgery on Wednesday. Will take my ipad and login as soon as I feel up to it. I feel prepared, and have read everyone else's stories, but am still so scared.

Meds have been increased Keppra, neurotin and triliptal...some of our cyber buddies mentioned 17 meds a day...How I can relate and I hav e not taken time to even count mine out....I dont know why I even eat all I do is take yougart and and today is one painful day....Dr. says to lay low for 48 hours and increase the above meds again....urgh....not fun is it. And I am to have fun in retirment...? ya

Thinking of you Gen…all the best of wishes for a successful outcome and great recovery! Take good care of you…it’s normal to be scared! Just take deep breaths and trust and believe everything is going to be great! (((( hugs )))) Mimi xx

best wishes! <3