Had my MVD

Well it has now been nearly 3 weeks since I had an MVD. How do I feel, just great. I currently have NO TN pain what so ever. I was in hospital for 4 days, awoke after the operation feeling just marvellous, a bit sore where the cut was but simple analgesics handle that very well. Had the 26 staples removed after 10 days, no fuss what ever.

Currently slowly reducing over 7 weeks the drugs I was on to hopefully no drugs at all, time will certainly tell that. Based on what I know now I would not hesitate having the operation, but, I would be very fussy about the neurosurgeon I chose to open up my head. My surgeon has done over 250 operation's with no serious side effects at all. I live near Melbourne, Australia and we only have a small population, therefore not as many specialist's in this field as in the USA.

That's All, Chris

Great news Chris/Howie!!!
I’m so pleased for you! Take good care, go easy and most importantly listen up to your body, it’ll guide you as you heal. Sending my most positive thoughts that your reduction in meds goes smoothly!!
Continued well being, (( hugs )) Mimi