Post Surgery

Well I am 24 days post surgery. I spent less than two days in the hospital. I am already riding my motorcycle again. No trigeminal pain whatsoever. Dr Kim Burchiel did my surgery at OHSU in Portland. He was, along with all his staff and doctors assistants, very personable and professional. I felt totally comfortable under his care and the hospital was also very exceptional. To anyone out there dealing with TN and not being sure what to do, I would highly recommend the MVD. I am no longer on any medications. I have my life back. I can hardly believe that I'm on the other side of this. Thank you for all your support on this site. Most of my research about the disease and finding a Dr. was done thru the help of this site. It has been invaluable to me. I am more than willing to offer any help or advice to anyone dealing with this awful disease.

So happy to read your update! So awesome! I’m glad you had a good experience and are recovering so well! Really great news!
Continued well being, thanks for sharing your success and happiness!
Yes, please do help by sharing your positive experience on the main page under discussions as well as in the MVD group , it’s nice to read of a positive outcome!
Take care of you and enjoy every pain free minute!
Mimi :slight_smile:

I am scheduled to see a Neurologist next week I am considering MVD if I am a candidate. I don't want to take these drugs anymore. Your success story is very helpful! I work from home computer mostly I can't imagine not being able to work for more than a week or you think you would have been able to work at a computer in your home following surgery? I am 55 years old and in good health other than TN. I just feel that getting the surgery now is what is right this disorder is progressive and I am not going to get younger so the sooner the better! I have never had anesthesia or any surgery I had my daughter in a birthing center natural with a mid wife no drugs. Honestly I fear an unrelenting attack of TN more than I fear MVD.