The Skull Base Institute

Hi, believe me this is not a plug for The Skull Base Institute, i just found them and am wondering if anyone has used them or knows of anyone who did ,,, and what the results were, immediate and long term ? Problem is they are in CA and i am in PA, and airfare is surely not included, neither is hotel , not sure about hospital, unless they have their own???

Hi Norm…I’m Donnie. When I started to reach out for more info or surgeries I heard of I got on my PC and Found The Skull Base Institute…I was so geeked.I called them,sent e-mail everything…Then doing some more research…turns out there are Dr.s out there that do these procedures. It is very important to gain knowledge of your condition.You are the First Dr for your case. I live in Tucson Az but came from Michigan.I suffered tremendously…Then I found a Dr at the U of M and he spent 2 full hrs with my sister and I…Not exaggerating…2 full hrs of Questions and feeling my face and head…Finally I got Diagnosed.Here in Tucson I go to the U of A…The Dr.s are wonderful. I saw 3 Nuerosurgeons and they all agreed on what should be done.Just waiting now for an evaluation to go through. Please check around more…Let me know what you find…okay? I pray you get some relief. Donnie

Norm…I just went to the Skull Base Institute to make sure I didn’t miss anything…Afterwords I googled MVD surgery and a lot of hospitals were listed that do the MVD.unless you are talking about something else intirely…As far as I can see you shouldn’t have to go across the country for help…again let me know what you find out…

Hi Donnie , thank you so much for the info, in checking i found that i think it's available in Pittsburg at UPMC which i think is very highly rated for that procedure and all TN, so when i am ready , i will contact them, again thanks.