The cold is killing me today

Has anyone moved to a warmer climate? Helped? pain woke me up last night. I can’t move the left side of my face today. This is so depressing. I have to take off from work again and I am so self conscious about doing that. My job is mostly speaking. My son was mostly singing. I get the feeling the universe me to shut up! Any kind words today would help. I feel like someone is shoving the bar from the top of my head through the roof of my mouth and my left side is attached to electrodes.

The cold is not my friend either. I wish I could move to a warmer climate but my life keeps me in Ontario. The last few days have been brutal. Yesterday I had the worst TN attack that I have had since last winter! I felt like my face was going to crack open. I was quickly reminded of why I hate winter so much. This will be my third winter with this beast and so far it is not behaving.

Heat helps--hot compresses, heating pad, hot water bottles and hot baths. I also find voltaren Emugel will help a wee bit with the deep aching pain on my jaw, cheek and temple.

I work in sales and have to talk a lot for work as well. I also hate calling in sick but you need to take care of yourself. Stress only makes TN worse.

It is a cold day here in Richmond, VA. Anything major with TN has been keeping its distance from me for a few weeks -- we had unseasonably warm weather over Christmas. But today the high was 30 -- pretty cold for around here! And windy, too. It didn't help when my car broke down on the mile's drive from here to my son's school and I had to call my child's father to come get us. Luckily we both work downtown, so taking me to work wasn't a big deal. And when I got to work an hour late, everything was crazy. We have implemented a new practice/document management system (I'm a legal assistant), and we're all still learning, which is stressful in itself. And later today, I started to get the pain around the eyeball. Imitrex seems to help me for some reason, but I think the cold and the stress did it!

Scarfs are my friends in this cold weather. Hope your feeling better

I think that BREATHING the cold air might be a trigger. I know that at one point I had a trigger inside my mouth, so why not my sinuses?

And holy cow justjane -- Ontario? And maybe it was in the air. I had a pretty bad attack too. I went to acupuncture last night and it helped a little, but need to go again this week. That works, but sometimes it's hard to fit it in the work/family schedule.

Last night I sat with my face over one of our portable heaters. Sometimes it's hard to touch my face when I am in full TN, and the ambient heat is better.

Thanks guys ... good to know I'm not alone, but sad that you have this pain too.

Hello, I moved from England to Spain 10 years ago.. the warm climate definitely helps. My condition was OK.. until yesterday, I had some work to do, it was cold, I had my "snood" on, but today its worse than it has been for days.

Heat definitely helps me, without a doubt.

Lesson learned for me any way.. Keep warm, but for me also its stress that can set it off, the Fear of it coming back !..

I really hope it gets better for you. :-)