Thank you

After struggling with uncontrolled pain for months and months now, I'm really glad I have a place to come and talk about it freely, with others who can relate 100%. Thank you all for making me feel welcomed and not so alone. It definitely helps when I start feeling useless and abnormal because of things that are hard for me to do because of my pain. I'm also very lucky to have a girlfriend that supports me and is always there for me, even when I'm crying in pain for no reason. She has no problem taking me to the emergency room even after an 8 hour shift at work. She'll sit with me the whole time and comfort me to sleep when we get home. I'm so grateful for all the supporters in my life and for all of you here on livingwithTN :) Thank you for being there!


I'm so glad you have a supportive girlfriend. Sometimes being in the arms of someone you love is the best pain medicine there is. :)

I wish I could give you a big hug right now & help look after you! I am going to cast a secret little spell tonight, wishing for your health & your life to get a whole lot better. Al I need you to do is have a little faith & not give up! Hugs