i am on the verge of tears as i write this.

i have literally never felt so low - just when you think the pain cant get any worse - it does.

i try my hardest to deal with it as best as possible and it doesnt help when people go out of their way to exclude you. putting on a brave face should be an olympic sport - id win gold!!

i dont know where else to turn...

I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain, I wish I could give you a hug though I know it wouldn’t help much. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Hang in there. That is exactly how I felt the two weeks before my doctor and I finally got the medication right. Reading through people's blogs and comments on here gave me the courage to hang on one more day and then the next day, until I finally had a day without pain a few days ago. I thought I'd never ever feel better or normal again. I'll be thinking about you.

Thanks ladies, your comments mean so much to me. I do have a very supportive family, and my husband is always there for me (even if certain people in his family try to make life difficult) sometimes tho there’s only so much they can say or do, and they don’t truely understand how bad it can be. My own mum and dad do try to help as much as they can but I think it must be hard for them and my husband to see me do low. People at work always like to try and make life hard too :frowning: thanks for your lovely comments tho xx

I am at the same spot as you are. I lay in bed wondering if I'm going to be able to do anything ever again. Thinking about the prognosis of TN and feeling so alone. My pain isn't fully controlled and I don't think I can go up on my medications.

I diagnosed this myself before even going to the ER, hoping this was not going to be the explanation. So far, that's what the ER doc claims is the issue (TN). I would have preferred cancer or more so, the bone infection I also feared (similar symptoms but a possible cure).

I have been low since this started, the though of the big "S" in my future doesn't seem impossible anymore but I'm holding out because I'm stubborn and feel it may not be TN and if it is, it will get resolved to a tolerable level (I tell myself that when it's not reminding me how much I hate it).

The people in your life will love you and care though few will be able to comprehend what you're feeling during an attack. The best way to explain it (IMHO) would be to try to imagine having a root canal on a healthy tooth with no Novocain, every 20 or so minutes............... or when trying to eat or laugh or whatever triggers you may have.

My inner optimist says there will be a cure for this condition fairly soon, with medical advancing at it's current pace. Even though tomorrow doesn't seem soon enough.

As I read everybody's comments I am in tears. I don't know why TN is a part of our lives. I ask God(WHY ME????) Right now I am under HUGE stress as my son is missing(could be dead) and we are just devastated. He is a drug/alcohol mess and in trouble with the law and if he is alive and they catch him he will be going to jail for a long time. Won't be his first time with going to jail. He is 31. This kid could have had it all!!! The stress from this is bringing back my pain. Right now the pain is on the left side, all three areas but I have not had the "BIGGIE" YET!!! I know it's coming. I up'd my meds so that makes me feel horrible. I can't drive when I take Tegretol. I started using Coke in January(which I never even used) on and of , mostly off and have been clean for over 2 weeks now. I know that's not the answer. I always have to abuse whatever it is....I wish I would die and if it weren't for my cat I wouldn't be typing this, believe me!! Help me please !! I had an MVD and Glycerol Rhizotomy.