Still no dentist

I did see the oral surgeon, hes decided to take both back teeth, the top and the bottom to save the trouble of doing so sooner rather than later. He agrees it probably will trigger a TN attack and that its better to trigger one than 2. He also said Im doing pretty darn good in having most of my teeth considering the transplant meds kill the enamel on the teeth. I have to wait to go see him til I can pay for the anesthesia since insurance doesn't cover it. I have 90 of the needed 130 and will have the remainder after xmas. Im not too worried since I don't have any pain just yet.

The eye pain is now gone, for the most part anyway. As of late the right side is the usual and the left is now more a pressure. Like I have a cellphone earbud in there.

And now the main reason for the blog entry..

I wish all of you who read this a good and pain free Christmas. If you do not celebrate Christmas , then I hope you have a good one of what ever Holiday you do celebrate this time of year, and if there is none..Then I hope you're still painfree and doing well.