"So," she says, "I am having dental surgery."

Just before christmas something snapped. I was eating a crisp (Chips to the North American's) and I had just broken a tooth, snapped in half. I knew because the sheer pressure put shards of tooth into my tongue - owies - Half of the tooth was gone and the filling in it followed pretty quickly too.

I left it. I am adverse, you see, to going to the dentist - I have anxiety issues to start with and a prior crappy dentist - though this one has been awesome so. Meh.

I went, he looked, yeah its going, and because they can not sedate me as previously (Thank you cheating, lousy ex) I have to be referred to a surgeon. Yup this is going to be fun.

The only truest upshot? I am not in TN pain (I am not remitted but I am in the controlled phase, I do get lovely moments of pain that remind me why I take my meds) and this tooth is not painful at all. Or if it is, I am so used to pain I have a different awareness/perception of it. This seems logical since I walked around with two abscesses and never felt them!

Now though, I wait. For appointments, for ... everything.

Good luck to you!!!!!!!

Hi, hope the procedure goes well, reminds me of my own life when you mentioned the am I in pain bit, I used to get persistent ear infections, I don’t anymore, or more accurately I do still but only notice when I get to the stage of falling over, the pain itself means nothing, not sure if I should be happy or sad about this but there’s no doubt it’s made me more tolerant! Hope you get yourself all fixed up and continue the journey without too much pain :slight_smile: xxx