And she is alive (also known as Angela's visit to the dentist

I was conscious sedated so I remember t0o much, but no enough to piece it all together. I dunno if I had my jaw dislocated, I sure as hell picked the wrong gorram time to wake up if they did. I know they had issues with one of my teeth, they have had to put stitches in - trust me they are no fun, I already want them out! One of the injections to numb be hurt like hell (as I said so much for that sedation). I have a few moments of recollection for the teeth cleaning, and the extraction of my left side (as I said I don't think they had the fun time with that). I vaguely remember my filling being put in and remember as I said my right wizzie being pulled (no fun at all)

All that said my right hand side is ok, not a thing at all. My left - yeah I am dosing up on acetaminophen like no business but I think a lot of that is the stitches I have had put in. I am glad my wisdom tooth was simple. I could eat normal foods right now!

Oh wow, I'm so sorry for what you went through. i'm confused. You said you remember the left side extraction, and your right side wisdom tooth, So they did both sides, plus cleaning, plus a filling? I hope you won't have TN pain when the numbing comes out! Those extractions warrant some codeine meds. Surprised you didn't ask for some. Or did you tell me you can't take those? So nice to see you post again but sorry for the circumstances.

Best wishes, sending love!

Man Angela, that's a lot of stuff you had done!! I am glad everything went pretty good tho. Certainly went much better than my visit went last month. I know that from now on I will do as you did and be knocked out for dental procedures. Best wishes for speedy healing. min