SSDI evaluations

I have my SSDI official “doctor evaluation” from Social Security. This man is a GP, I have been everywhere since 2006 and had Gamma Knife (failed, too much) then finally MVD, but still have frozen face and pain from Gamma Knife, cant work, every expert has taken care of me, now I have a GP doing a basic physical to determine if I am eligible for Disability, I am 62. MVD got rid of the lightening bolts in the face. Thank God for MVD. but this man probably NEVER heard of Trigeminal Neuralgia…

Tread carefully. At 62 they could have you move directly to retirement… No wories about the GP. He is working off a check list based on your application.

Applying for SSDI in Florida is a nightmare. It didn’t matter what the doctors reported as they would automatically turn you down. But that was when I was 43. After being turned down 3 times, the Federal overseers of SSDI got on Florida for approving so few people then suddenly I got approved for SSDI even though I was already scheduled for another hearing. What I have heard recently is they currently use Tennessee judges(?) for the Florida hearings to get SSDI. Apparently Florida can’t be trusted when people try to get SSDI. My lawyer told me when I applied that the younger a person happens to be when they apply for SSDI, the more difficult it is to get it. Which would also mean the older a person is when they apply, the easier it is to get. Although that still doesn’t mean it is easy in the state of Florida.

I would go see a neurosurgeon, GPs will only refer you to one. I do not know where you are located, but my NS is John Main in Tulsa OK. He just recently removed a tumor off my 5th cranial nerve and told me I have damage to my 7th cranial nerve from the Cyber Knife in 2009.
I am still taking an anti-convulsant for small facial pain. but it is helping.Look him up. Good Luck Robin

I too have damage from the Gamma Knife, irreversible, and had MVD in Houston, but I take so much Gabapentin, I am not very stable walking at times, I regularly see Neuro, but this darn SSDI office is strange, never heard of Trigeminal Neuralgia, then send me to their Doctor last weekend, and he looks at my notes, says the SS office should approve me. My problem is that I am almost 62, look healthy, but you know how that goes, looks are deceiving! He approved my SSDI, but really, I am not sure if I want to go that route, I am financially stable, and not sure if that would eliminate my blue cross.....I have damage in all three branches of the 5th cranial....Thanks for your answers,


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