Sleepless night

Even on low pain days I still wake restless and wrestling with my memories of life before this terrible condition. I find myself dwelling on the things I’ve cocked up and parts of myself I don’t understand. Why oh why can’t we dwell on the good and trust that the worst parts of life have meanings which will make sense eventually. Think I would sleep better if I could accept this. Please god bless us all with low pain today x

Helen,I myself wrestle with most of those same thoughts, after 22 yrs. of tn2 I have just about forgot who I was without tn.I use to be a people person, now its harder because of my pain, and meds. I am now best friends with pretty much just Oscar the grouch.(lol) I did get some good news yesterday, I took Kc dancer's suggestion and YEAH! I have an app. with Dr. Casey Oct.24 th. Thanks Kc! Your right who knows my head better then he does.Not trying to be gorey, but so often I wish I could just cut my head off and set it on a shelf and just give it a much needed break. My Austin says, "grama your strange!" I just smiled and said, "I 'm not the one who drew a picture of a dog taking my head away and burying it? I guess strange runs in the family (ha) He so keeps me keeping on! That's a Great thought to end on. Agreeing with you Helen, please GoD bless us all with low pain today x.

Can you get a pill for sleep aid?

Stress makes TN worse! TN makes stress worse!

But you have to rest your mind , and if you need meds for that, for stress or sleep, go for it!

Morning ladies. I’ve had a few hours now. Must go downstairs and feed the dog she is whimpering!!! Xx