Whew, life can get better

Well, for the first time in all these years of having tn, the pain took control of my life. I had to go to the nursing station (our medical service when you live in the far north) and they sent me via ambulance into Whse. Luckily, my own doctor was on call and admitted me for two days for pain management. I am home now, have increased my lycria to 150mg 2x day and clonazepam 2x day. I am hoping to cut back to clonazepam to just in the evening so my days are less fuzzy. It was so wonderful to have the dr understand the pain level and sent in immediate help. My bp went to 177/100 which was the indicator that my pain was waaaaayyyyy to much for me. Ah, well, now I am home and getting back to normal. I am glad to be back so to speak. My thoughts and well wishes go out to all members who are in that unbearable space and don't know where to get help. I am with you in spirit.

I am glad that you are back at home. The last couple of weeks seem to have been bad for a number of us.
I hope you are able to find relief this weekend.

Keep positive.

Thanks Smash. I hope your pain level is under control. It is such an overwhelming, life-sucking space to be in when the tn is greater than our abilities to cope. I am truly grateful for the compassion of the nurses where I live an my doctor (who sadly is retiring this Sept). And of course, I am blessed with an amazing husband who understands. I too hope that your weekend is pain free and full of wonderful, supportive friends and memorable moments. Namaste.~ Valarie

I hope you start looking for a new dr. before sept..... that way you won't have to be without!

Tanks Kc Dancer. My dr will have someone buying her practice. My hope is ,is that they are up on TN or I wil have to do a lot of persuasive training.

Glad you are doing better. ((((hugs))))

Thanks Donna. For the first time in a year (when the tn raised its ugly head again) I am actually pain free!!! No head pain, no deep inner ear pain, no stab-me-in-the-eye when I am not paying attention pain and NO random electrocutions when I least expect it! It may not last forever, but i am truly grateful for yesterday and today. The days feel awesome. I am thinking of all who suffer and sending peace and joy your way. ~Valarie