Todays not so bad considering I didn't sleep

I Saw my pain doctor the other day and asked for some strong breakthrough meds but he said it wouldn’t work. I am once again saddened and disheartened that in my town I’m all alone and I don’t think my family or friends know what it’s like. How can they???
So my point in living is just to fight the struggle. Some people have said TN has gone away by itself… sounds promising. I just cant enjoy anything . I have an abundance of books and telescopes, cameras and I paint and dance too. But these things are not making me happy anymore.
I’m so glad you guys at living with TN found me. I feel like you are family too me already.
Thankyou all for a friendly warm welcome.

Thanks Maeve and Sarah,
I’ve tried acupucnture, homeopathy, and others. countless and I dont want MVD considering the size of the vessel and place. Plus no neurosurgeon even wants to do it. I asked 3 places for a face block and all kinds. They make life so hard for me. Doésn’t help the paranoia either.
For my sadness I have tried many medicines like ssri’s and antipshycotics.
Too make things worse. My young friend has just done themselves in.
I honestly don’t know how Ivé made it to now. The doctors are surprised every time they see me that I’m not dead. I really have had it but I’m gonna hang on. Today Im home alone and very tempted.
Thankyas for caring,
Dash xo
I hope you get well over your surgery fast Sarah.

Much Love Maeve I will try every day to learn something or do something. I’m trying really hard mate.

Dash, I just wanted to say I am thinking about you, this is a hellish hard thing to live with, and it takes a lot of strength, and you are in one of the best places to recieve support from people who understand, I know we are all on the other end of the fibreoptics, but as a group we will try and do what we can to help each other through this. Like I say, you are in my thoughts, take care.

Much love

Gracie x x x

Hey Dash …Just a quick hello and want you to know I’m thinking about you. Like Gracie said it’s an awful thing to have but from experience (and I’ve had 12 years with TN) you will find something that works for your pain and things will eventually get better.
You are a wonderful painter! I am an artist as well but I don’t get to spend very much time on it. I have a small studio set up in my basement and i display and sell some of my work at a local gallery. I do mostly landscape and still life and am pretty much a realist but I do play a lot with color.
Please put up more of your paintings when you can.
Take care Dash,