Shout Out to Shindig!

Can we all send poitive energies to Shindig as he prepares for his MVD on Monday. Good Luck to you and wish you all the best and great recovery. Most of all prayers for a Pain Free life ahead, yeah!

My Best to you


Yes good luck! I think you are well prepared as to what to expect at this point! Have your girlfriend update us when there is some down time at the hospital! I hope you wake up TN pain free and have a speedy recovery. Oh, ask them if they will be pushing Dilantin in your iv. If they say yes ask them to dilute it. That stuff feels like acid being pushed through your veins. It was the only time I cried through the whole first mvd.

I’m with you on hating hospitals but I do love having the button to push for the nurses to help when you are in pain.

On an odd note I woke up at 5am with breakthrough pain and a migraine. I’ve been trying to drug myself enough to stay out of the ER all morning. I wonder what the heck was so special about 5am. I hope your flu passes. They may want to push your surgery back if you don’t get better ASAP! Lots of fluids my friend!! And lots of rest!

Good luck Shindig!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for you!

Hi Shindig

you could have the virus that was going around here. Went thru my families home, vomited for 8 to 10 hours then it stopped. Hopefully thats all it is obviously if it goes longer you will need to tell your doctor. Sometimes they will cancel surgery. Its big surgery and anesthesia department will not proceed ahead. they want you the healthiest for the OR. Take care of yourself Shindig, prayers are with you.

My Best


Good luck Shindig! Hope your Surgery takes place as planned and Praying you are 100% pain free soooon!!



Hey Shindig
Wondering how you’re doing with the headache/ migraine. Really hope all is well and that you can go ahead with surgery as planned.
So wishing you the very best results and that you will wake up with the TN pain resolved and that your recovery will be speedy. It’s great that you’ve got the new job to look forward to.
I will be looking for updates here so thanks ahead of time to your girlfriend for posting.
You’re In my thoughts and prayers
Peace and Kindness

I am thinking of you, hoping for you and rooting for you. It is my pleasure to update everyone on members progress. I know it's late shindig, but you could set up a Caring bridge page to update on, just a thought. But no worries, I will do it by the method we spoke of! :)

Good luck for tomorrow, Shindig...I hope you'll feel much better soon xx

Wonderful to hear its a go.
I have a food suggestion for you: quinoa. It’s soft and really nutritious, and a snap to cook. I even like it with brown rice milk and bananas for breakfast. Smoothies with lots of blueberries and yogurt.

(Thanks for the tip on marijuana butter, I am going to ask about it.)

I’m rooting for you too!

Thanks to you Jackie for helping out with the posts.

Good Luck Shindig, Hope you get to feeling better and surgery goes as planned. I pray you wake up pain free.

Good luck ...and DONT over do it after the MVD......

All good stuff but let your girlfriend do the cooking for the next couple of weeks:)

Good luck shindig! My room at my parents house is upstairs and when I discharged from the hospital I went straight to that room no problem. As long as you have access to a bathroom up there you probably Wong need to go downstairs at all if your god will bring you food. As long as you are careful and/or your gf helps you up and down the stairs you should be fine. The thing that I had to be most careful of for the longest time was bending over so in your last minute prep you might want to put things you need the most up high where you can reach them. I got so frustrated calling for help every time I dropped something for the first week (I’m clumsy).

Anyway, GOOD LUCK! You will do fine and I just know you will be pain free. My doc says mvd has a 90% success rate so the odds are in your favor. Just remember to REST REST REST that first week!!! And thank you to your gf ahead of time for updating us like everyone else said.

Ps. I’m coming to y’all’s house for dinner if I’m ever in the area! Yum!

Oh its tomorrow.. Good luck

Yes you can chew normal food after the surgery. Hospital food can be pretty bad. But you probably won't feel too concerned about it post-op, but just in case, you may want someone to bring some food from outside the hospital or go down to the cafeteria for you. I have been to a hospital where they had volunteers get cafeteria food for patients that had no dietary restrictions. I suppose they would frown on smoking during your stay. My main concern about hospital food is that it seems so unhealthy.

shindig said:

Today was my last morning of waking up in my bed for a while. It's upstairs so I'll probably move to the main level post-op.

Check in is tomorrow at 5am for 7am surgery. It was going to be 10:30am for 12:30 surgery but the person before me canceled at the last minute.

Dun..dun...dun. Sucks you can't drink coffee beforehand. I live on the stuff. I bought some medical marijuana butter at the dispensary and made granola yesterday for post-op. I prefer it to opiates personally, and I figure smoking is off the table due to potential coughing and the pressure it causes.

They didn't really say anything about what I can do afterwards, can you chew normal food? I went shopping and got oatmeal and pasta figuring I can slurp it down.

My gf will email Jackie any updates.

The food wasn’t too bad at my hospital. I had a menu in my room and they called ahead of time to ask what I would want for the next meal. There were definitely healthy options (not that I was concerned with that post op.) While you are in icu you will be on iv fluids and not eating anyway. I may have eaten at the very end of my icu stay. I can’t remember.

Best of luck to you. Looking forward to hearing your positive results.

Looks like it’s happening as I speak! (well type) Hope it goes well, and they are able to find the cause of your pain and stop it, for good!