Pulsing\ Tingleing feeling...Advice Please

Ive had this before, but ive come to find that its coming more frequent and lasting longer. Is this just a symptom of TN or is it more of a warning that an Attack in coming on? Its hard for me to tell because i started getting all these new types of pain and its so hard to explain what it feels like. It feels like theres something under my skin just shooting around. Its not as bad as a painfull shock, but EXTREMELY uncomfortable and is starting to scare me...does anyone else have this as well?

Cleo -thanks for explaining that to me I def have been going through dysesthesia. but within the last month or so the paresthesia has been starting and getting worse. I actually diddnt have the parathesia untill recently. Its been 3 days ive been like this and im not getting any relief. Im wondering if maybe im feeling this now because i just had an oral surgery and it diddnt go well. When he gave me the Litocaine shot on the bottom of my mouth in the back i screamed. It felt like he hit something that made me jump out of my chair. I just find it weird that i never really had attacks or felt this until recently. This is whats so confusing to me, i HAVE to have dental work and im afraid the more needles i get in my mouth the more damage they can be doing. Due to the severity of the infections and the fact my whole mouth failed all thats left for me to finish is getting caps on, one more bridge, and a root canal. Someone told me that getting alot of shots while having TN is dangerous, do you know if thats true? I kinda feel like the more dental work i have, the worse my TN keeps getting, and i know correlation does not mean causation. If i wasn't going through dental procedures this would be alot easier for me to understand and not have to question if im damaging myself even. What do you think? Thank you again for all your help