I have had sensations I will call them in my upper gum on the right side since a botched root canal where dentist burned my gums back several times that ended in an extraction. Since them about 8 months now, I have had several dental procedures on an attempt to get rid of this strange tingling sensation. I ended up having another tooth pulled and it made it worse . Tomorrow I have a neurologist appt and I am wondering if you can have TN in a milder form that is not severe pain but agonizing irritation. Any one else experience this? Any words will be appreciated. I am so afraid and I also have not eaten in 3 weeks lost 20 lbs because when I chew it makes the feeling worse.

Is the feeling that you are getting like vibrations in short spurts?....Glad you are going to see a neurologist and dont let a dentist touch you anymore till you get a full neurologist exam with MRI. Its very common to have loads of dental work done because few dentists think TN. Hopefully its not TN just some irritation . The good news is it doesnt seem like it has gotten worse for you and TN usually starts with pretty severe pain. Keep us posted and good luck

The feeling is almost like a crackling or pinching feeling and when I try to eat it feels like my teeth on that side are crackling or hollow.

dont know…it seems everyone experiences something different here-- mine started as a tooth ache in a particular back molar–but it would only be short bursts of pain now and then-- but then the full blown attack later. I also had a numb or tingly feeling on the left side of my face… sometimes my ear hurts, sometimes my jaw just aches-- but the good news is the tegretol took away the bad pain!