Pain in back around the scapula

I know this sounds weird but it seems like when I get the throat pain I also get pain in my back under the shoulder blade I have noticed when my GN starts giving me trouble my shoulder blade hurts and when the pain in throat settles down so does the pain in shoulder blade I know I weird< LOL hope everyone is having a pain free night God Bless you all

Hi Katt, yes I've had this before, not very often but on really really bad days my whole right side right down to shoulder blade can be in agony. It is unfortunately a part of the condition :( Hope you're surviving ok! Amanda x

Yeah like right on the outside edge closer to the spine,do you ever have trouble sitting to long ,if a movie at the theater is more the a hour and a half I’m very uncomfortable

Hi! Yes, I have the same pain - under my right scapula. When it is really bad the pain shoots down my arm to the first two fingers in my hand. Your nervous system is like the electrical traces on a circuit board... and when you have a short you don't know what trace the current is going to go down. I am an IT guy and computer/network technology teacher. Thinking of this in basic electricity and electronic terms has helped me understand what is wrong and going on inside me... and how amazing our bodies are.

Well, hello from another “weirdo” then, same thing for me, also at the base of neck on bad side and right on down and across ribs as well as what you have described, it all “lights up”. When it goes down my arm and into my thumb and index finger I know it’s going to get worse in my ear, throat, etc…it’s a pattern. But I am always looking for the pauses, they are there.

has anyone mentioned this to your doctor with out them thinking you are crazy

Yup... He understood perfectly. That is why you need to find the right doctor with experience. This is not a common condition.

I experienced the same and found it to be muscle spasms because I was staying in one position at night when the pain was on the left side of my face. Massage is a wonderful thing.