Pain when bending over? Voice tiredness

Hi everyone I am still in the middle of the diagnostic process. From what I can tell I have bilateral "something" - constant strep throat feeling sometimes radiating into ear - sometimes it bothers me when swallowing sometimes not. I feel a ripping feeling in my tonsils when I yawn, palate pain and tingling, teeth pain, sometimes tongue pain as if I am being strangled. Sometimes teeth tingling. Sometimes cheeks feel swollen. Basically, I feel like my whole mouth is sore "inflamed" but not. Does that make sense? Feel like Im getting a cold but Im not? Its definitely at a "lower level", i.e. constant but not as intense and eventful as some of you deal with.

Would love some confirmation that I seem to be in the right place ,i.e. some type of neuralgia.

Also, sometimes if I am doing something and then I bend over to pick something up, I getting stabbing pain in back of throat usually on one side or other. Does that happen to anyone, i.e, positional jabs?

Also after long conversations, I feel like my throat hurts more. My voice does not give in or lower or slur or anything like that, just more pain.

Thanks so much!

A lot of what you have described are some symptoms I have experienced from time to time as well. And I have been diagnosed with GPN, but currently & recently believe I may also have Trigeminal Neuralgia too. I too have felt that bending over, sitting, standing, laying down, touching my jaw, etc., can have an affect on the level of pain that I feel on occasion. This is mostly recent though & may be related to TN if that is indeed what I am now experiencing.

Thank you so much Chetty! I am always scared its something worse hey aren't finding. It just feels so unnatural to be in this type of facial chaos all the time.

I also have a lot of these symptoms. The spasmy throat pain is triggered by laying down and actually wakes me in the middle of the night sometimes. Which is different then my previous Tn symptoms that never bothered me during the night.
These positional changes really makes me wonder if the problem is structural. Say from the cervical spine. I talk with a lot of sufferers and many of them have neck and cervical spine problems…just a thought

I meditate on NOT clenching my throat which we do with so many body movements!! I bend down vs bending over.

Yes, I have had positional pain when leaning forward or lying down, particularly on my side. At one point I couldn't read a book without holding it up level with my face, but recently that isn't a problem. This type of positional pain is mentioned very briefly in Dr Ken Casey's talk The Tides of Neuropathic Pain, in the Q&A section. Presumably, if a blood vessel is pressing on a nerve, the pressure increases or decreases when moving the head.