Weird Feeling in Throat


I didn't know what other title to give this discussion. lol. I'm having a strange sensation in my throat and wondered if it could be connected to my TN. My throat isn't sore at all but when I turn a certain way or touch my neck on the right side I feel pain my throat. I have bilateral TN and wondered if nerve pain can radiate down your neck/throat.

Do any of you get this odd sensation?

~ Vicki

Hi Vicki…I get pains in my throat that then turn into throat spasms. It is the most annoying thing!! I will be talking or eating and out of the blue this happens. Sometimes it is triggered by turning my head or swallowing. I have noticed that if I have missed a dose of baclofen it is way worse. I have mentioned this to my neuro and he said it definitely is related to TN and treated with the same meds. If I am having a bad face pain day, this stupid throat thing happens all day. So I believe it is related too…

This is exactly what I get. In fact, it is the first symptom I always get each day. My symptoms go away at night. In the morning they are very slight and just get worse all day long. By evening - especially when I travel in a vehicle, they are at their worst. I call it my choking feeling but it really is a weird feeling on the right side of my neck and throat. If I touch it, it hurts. If I bend over or turn my head to the left or strain that side in any way it gets worse too. Sometimes it makes me feel gaggy and when my pain gets behind my right eye, all of this together makes me nauseated. I don't want anything to eat because eating/swallowing makes all of it worse. I don't hear many others talk about it so I thought it may not even be related to my TN2. All the doctors I've talked to didn't feel it was but none of them have known much about TN, including my neurologist. I am slowly teaching her! Oh and I've also told them it feels like it all radiates - just like you mentioned. They have all thought I was crazy.

Anyway, it's nice (well sort of except I'm sorry you have this too) to hear of someone else with the same symptoms. The anti-convulsant meds help this too. Are you on any meds and do they help you with this issue?

Hi Lisa, Dee, and Janelle! I really appreciate your comments. So good to know I’m not alone…were all in this together.

Hope it was a good day for all of you. Thanks again … I’m feeling much more optimistic after reading your comments. :slight_smile:

~ Vicki