NUCCA Corrections

I had my first NUCCA correction yesterday. My consult was last Friday. The doctor took 3 x-rays and explained everything thoroughy. Yesterday I watched a video and began my corrections. I was treated and would rest for15 minutes. After resting the doctor would measure me. This happened three times. Afterward, he saw results when measuring me and then he took x-rays again. The total cost is about 1500 for 12 months, Not bad since he broke it down monthly and will turn it into my insurance. Although I pay and then he turns it in. The coorection felt great. It is totally focused on my neck/ear area to coorect my "atlas".

Strangely enough, I did not need pain medicine yesterday. I did not take pain medicine since Sunday at 2pm. I don't know why I was experiencing less pain but I am glad I was. The doctor says sometimes that happens like taking your car into the mechanic. I ended up taking one pain pill yesterday. Anyway, with the correction, I was a little tender and put ice on my neck a couple times. The doctor recommended ice for inflammation. He said never use heat that, it increases inflammation. My next correction is Friday. Yesterday took about 5 hours and Friday should only be about 40 minutes. I feel so POSITIVE about it! No pain medicine this morning!

I have been having the NUCCA corrections for 3 weeks now. I think it is helping. My pain level has dropped drastically. I am taking about 2 pain pills a day compared to 4 or 5. I am hopeful that this is the answer.

Hi, Sounds great. How are you doing lately?