Need for a talk

If I thought pulling my upper front left tooth out, would make the TN dental pain go away, I would pull it out with pliers right now. It hurts that bad. I have often it heard it said god will not give a person more than they can handle. I think god, and I need to have a good, long talk.

My point precisely. It feels like there is no way out.

Hi is the pain now? You feeling any better?

Tree :)

I am doing much better. :o)

I truly adore how this is worded... I have struggled and prayed, begged and pleaded for pain to not even go away just not to be as awful. It knocks me off my feet making me sick to my stomach and yes its said you are not given more than you can handle... but it can feel so overwhelm. Like you won't make it through... reading your post made me hopeful... thank you