My Journal

OK it's been a while since my last entry. Neurontin did nothing for me.

Started taking trileptal (oxcarbazepine) and found much needed relief! but day 5 began having a rash again. Told the doctor "I will not go back to that pain; I'll live on benadryl, if I have to, but I can't go back to that pain". So I've been taking Trileptal 150mg. three times a day along with Prednisone. Up until last Wednesday, I was pain free and living life as normal. (Coincidentally that's about when the Prednisone would have been leaving my system), Then the pain start to periodically hit while I was eating. Only a few times during speeches. I started to increase the Trileptal dose, 300mg twice a day. Not much change in pain or frequency. Not entirely debilitating, but disappointing, and frustrating.

Met with new Provider today. decided to try clonazapam, fingers crossed.....

Good luck!