My journal

May 28, 2013

woke up still in pain. Tried a few teaspoons of applesauce just to get the Neurontin capsule down. Day 4 without being able to brush my teeth. Kids all off to school. Am not speaking; cannot speak without severe excruciating pain. Hope the phone doesn't ring. Cold and drizzly outside. Going to take a nap. worried about tomorrow.

Yesterday was bad.

So sorry you're having bad days. What has your neuro said for you to do during these breakthrough times? Hope it gets better for you. ((((((((((HUGS))))))))

((( hugs ))) CindyStar, wishing you some respite from the intensity of your pain.
Sending positive thoughts your way, please don’t worry about tomorrow, focus on the moment, that’s enough.
Mimi xx

I can understand what you are going through. Please try and take it a minute at a time. I am praying that you find some relief.

Hi Cindy. I’m so sorry and I know what those days are like. I remember counting to three, brushing my teeth quickly and crying. How long have you been on the neurontin? Has your neuro tried other combos of meds? I went through a long list of meds before I got to the right ones and from there I went through trial and error on the dosage…

Stephanie, have been on neurontin since Sunday afternoon: 300mg TID, on Tuesday I upped it to 600mg TID, and today I started 900mg TID. Relief has not been noticed. Last Friday was the last time I was able to brush my teeth....I was on tegretol and was in bliss. Sat the rash hit, so no more tegretol, pain returned that Sat. and was worst! Gross I know, but I just can't get to the point to inflict that kind of pain on myself. I just started on Baked potatoes two days ago.