My first neurologist appt- Tips Please

I have my first neurologist appt with Dr, Sodha, at UMass.

I was wondering if 1) Anyone has ever seen him and 2) What types of questions or concerns should i be raising at the appointment? ( I have only ever seen my PCP for TN.) I was just diagnosed this month so i don't know what he needs from me or vice versa. Any tips is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Friends-


Hi Jackie,
My only advice is to make sure you leave his office with a plan medication wise should your TN pain worsen at your current dose. Ask how to increase your med safely OR if he will be available same day for a phone consult to do the same.
Often our TN pain can worsen in the blink of an eye and while you’re in a pain crisis it can be difficult to speak on the phone or head out to see a doctor for advice.
My neuro gives me a detailed note on how to increase and when to increase. I also know I can call and he will return my call same day for a pain crisis.

Let your neuro guide the appointment, many don’t like it that we know more than them regarding TN, but definitely write down any questions you may have and make sure you ask them.
I asked my neuro if he had many patients with TN, and he did.
We don’t always agree, but we respect each other.

Good luck! I hope you find a team player willing to support you,

Thanks Mimi- That is really good advice. I never thought to call him during an episode.

Appreciate it.


Ask for a script for topical lidocaine!!

Or the face patches or the mouthwash… That way you maybe able to keep meds lower… Lifesaver for many here

Thanks- I've never would have known about those.