MVD surgery on June 16th

After 6+ years of misery and meds, I’m finally going to have my first (and last, I hope) MVD surgery. It won’t be close to home, but at least it is driving distance so I won’t have to get on a plane. I tried to find the most experienced neurosurgeon in my HMO network, and I think I got lucky. I’m having it done in San Diego by 2 surgeons who work as a team. They also teach at UCLA med school, and have done many MVD’s so I feel confident that they might not screw me up any worse than I already am (ha).
I am so grateful to all who have shared their stories about having this surgery and the recovery afterwards. I feel better prepared for what lies ahead. The docs can tell you technical stuff about a procedure, but only a patient who has been through it can really know what it is like!

I wish you the very best with your surgery, and hope you have folks standing by to support you when you come home as well. I think it is wonderful you did the research. It seems to me there are a lot of neurosurgeons out there doing this procedure who may not know what they are doing as well as they should.

I wish you the best. What does your MRI show? Do you know you have a compression? Six years is a long time. Mine was 3.5 years but I didn’t have real pain untill last six months. It was uncontrollable and a 10 on the pain scale.
Please be sure to post when you can or have someone post and tell us how you are feeling.


You’re in our prayers, I hope you can finally be rid of TN. UCLA is a leader in the medical field. I am trying to see a neurologist before I go see a Dr. DeSalle (neurosurgeon) there. Are you have it done @ Scripps in Torrey Pines? I once went to a hand specialist there, who was wonderful to me. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.