MRI-what to do when an MRI is too painful to endure

I am faced with needing more MRI. The noise and vibrations of the machine are incredibly painful triggering all kinds of spikes all over my head. My pain is so bad I can not hold still and I am very fearful of the next one. The last one I had I did my best but I was crying uncontrollably during and very ill after. Result-waste of time because the image was blurry.

So I have been asking around about how much drugs to take to cope thru another. Can not really get an answer on that. But what a Neurosurgeon told me was we can "sedate you". He said, "that's how we do MRI's in children because kids do not hold still, hospitals always have an anesthesiologist on hand to do just that.

They are called different things like inpatient sedation.

Good Luck to all, I wanted anyone with the same problem to know that it is possible to get an MRI with sedation so we can not feel the pain.


I would suggest going with sedation. Good luck!